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In this game you can't jump, but you can fly. When you're faced with a wall you fly in the opposite direction. You must pass each level in 8 seconds. The art style is #retro #8-bit

Vote for it on GDWC 2017: https://thegdwc.com/

Other Links:

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2vFR9v4

Devlog at Itch io: http://bit.ly/2fmDjHI

Devlog at Gamejolt: http://bit.ly/2wyOMHB

Devlog at Tigsource: http://bit.ly/2wyDMtF

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2xqTo2E

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2wyWRMu

Install instructions

Unzip the file and play the game.


Fasterer.zip 4 MB

Development log


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Hello! This game has great Level design to perfectly teach the player about all aspects of the game.  the graphics aren't that good but you can always fix that later. not that much game feel either but aside from all that its a genuinely good game 5/10

Thank for your reply. I'll fix it in the full version